Catching Up, Part 3

I arranged informational interviews in the Northeast to learn more about the transportation profession, find more career opportunities, and share the lessons learned from my research project in Australia.

Boston BeaconHill

Signs of change in the Northeast are everywhere. The demographics of the cities are changing rapidly, and all four cities I visited are seeing an influx of young people. For instance, Philadelphia saw its first population growth in four decades this past Census.

USBldgMuseum WMonument

First stop was Washington, D.C., a favorite of city of mine. I stayed in the Columbia Heights neighborhood, which has seen widespread revitalization in the past decade. Between interviews, I went to the Hirshhorn Museum, the Philips Collection, and the O Street Mansion. Of cities I have not lived in, D.C. is probably the one I know best. I had no problem navigating the city on two wheels.

MetroDC Columbia Heights

Next, I had a brief stay in Philadelphia. With only one interview, I had plenty of time to visit the new location of the Barnes Museum and explore some of the neighborhoods that are seeing the most growth in young people.

Philly Barnes

The first place I visited in Manhattan was the High Line, a new park created from an abandoned, elevated rail in Chelsea. This park has generated a lot of buzz, and its popularity has spurred new development nearby. Other cities, such as St. Louis, are looking to replicate the park’s success. Although I spent most of my week in Brooklyn, I made my way to the MOMA and Guggenheim Museums as well.

Manhattan Guggenheim

Last stop was Boston, a city I had never visited. I had perfect weather, so I took a tour of the city’s four centuries of architecture on foot. The Institute of Contemporary Art and Saarinen’s MIT Chapel were my two favorite buildings, but I also enjoyed some of the more historic structures.


The trip was fantastic. I love the Northeast, and I have already applied to numerous positions there. The lifestyle is less laid-back than Portland, but I loved the energy and momentum in these cities.