Climbing at Ao Ton Sai


To reach the limestone crags of Ao Ton Sai, I first enjoyed some of the more well-traveled areas of Southern Thailand.



After two nights in Phuket and two in Koh Phi Phi, I reached the beaches of Ao Ton Sai at sunset.



I spent a week climbing with James and three new mates: Tino, Ian & James S.



We had a routine…


meet at Mama’s for breakfast at 8 a.m., climb until sweat prevented us from holding a grip…


lay on the shaded patio until lunch…


endure a late afternoon climb…


take a long tail taxi back to the bungalows to rest up before dinner and a beer.


Rest for me meant swimming at sunset. Of the ten best sunsets in my life, three were in Ton Sai.


For our last climb, James and I ¬†ended up on “Lord of the Thais.” I led the first pitch (6a+/5.10b); James flashed the second (7a/5.11d), an impressive feat.


Many of the visitors of Ton Sai stay for months. I intend to be one of them in the future.


But Brisbane was calling.

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