Current Loves: Summer


It’s rainy and muggy, so I’ve focused my attention away from climbing and toward various projects. In my free time, I’ve been listening to lots of music, writing songs, playing guitar, reading, and exploring the cafes of Brisbane. Here are some of my current loves.

  • Bat for Lashes:¬†The Haunted Man¬†(start here)
  • Anthony Kiedis’ autobiography¬†Scar Tissue
  • Cafe Bouquiniste, New Farm’s Bohemian breakfast & cafe-bookstore
  • Brew, the alleyway cafe and live music venue just off the Queen St. Mall
  • The End, the controversial brewpub that for many symbolizes the gentrification of West End
  • These Instagram feeds: @woodandfaulk, @beamandanchor, @unionwoodco, @chechire