West End Block Party

Waiting for the rocks to dry after Friday’s storm, some friends and I spent Saturday at the West End Block Party. Boundary St. closed, and a spectrum of Brisbane culture enjoyed a hot afternoon and evening.
































Block parties are reminders that streets are public spaces. Considering the numerous alternative routes in West End, Boundary St. is overdue for a road diet. The businesses and the pedestrians that frequent them would benefit from a more pedestrian-friendly environment.┬áDr. Kelly Clifton’s recent research┬áprovides some evidence that people who make a trip on foot to bars and restaurants spend more than other customers.

Bikes mean business, too. The waiting list for bike corrals in Portland is more than 100 businesses long. These business owners see value in replacing one car parking space in front of their business with spaces for twenty cyclists. Despite being one of the most popular destinations in Brisbane for cyclists, Boundary St. has almost no bike parking.